Can 3D printing replace digital printing and become the new favorite of fashion?

- Mar 26, 2019-

Printing is the innocent king of fashion, with a cluster of flowers and flowers, which is one of the great creative inspirations for fashion designers. Traditional printing is a more representative of the development of printing, geometric printing, abstract printing, variegated and fuzzy printing, these are the fashion styles that are popular today. Fashion is fleeting. When the trend of digital printing fades, who is the new darling of fashion, what fashion should fashion designers create?

3D printing new fashion in the fashion world


3D printing technology has become a new fashion in the fashion industry. Its unique simulation degree, as well as rich patterns, colors and textures, disturb the designer's sensory nerves, or dreams, or confuse, or really, or vividly. In the design of the clothing, the feeling of the forest, the warmth of the earth, the vastness of the universe, let the fashion industry feel at ease. 3D printing will become the new favorite of future fashion designers.

3D printing technology has been applied to high fashion design by some high-profile designers, but it has not been widely popularized. A small number of high-definition designers are constantly trying to innovate and challenge high-tech, through digital modeling and electronic output. To create 3D models and play with fashion. Although the design works can not be as wearable as real clothing, but also throw a new argument to the outside world, high-tech so that the clothing design can also be based on traditional sewing.

The inevitability of 3D printing technology to replace digital printing

At present, the problem that digital printing can't solve is printing on heavy fabrics and special materials, including leather wool. So the two-dimensional digital printing began to evolve, and there is 3D printing technology. This new breakthrough is the clothing face and even the clothing design. A big step in the industry.

Unlike digital printing, digital printing can only print patterns, while 3D printing can not only print high-simulation 3D effect printing patterns, but also select material printing models. This is the difference between their essence and the comparison of 2D and 3D shapes. At present, digital flower technology is mainly used for product proofing and small batch customization. Because it is not subject to cost requirements and short timeliness, digital printing has certain advantages. For high-volume production costs, there are certain limitations in the future development.

The advantages of 3D printing technology are high simulation degree, strong stereo effect, fast production speed, low labor intensity and low labor. The disadvantages are high cost, high labor requirements, and certain limitations in material selection. From the perspective of adaptability, 3D printing is suitable for printing proofing and small batch printing processing, innovative design and development, new product model making, it is difficult to replace traditional digital printing into the most important printing processing method. The 3D printing technology will continue to improve with the development of technology, and the cost of consumables will drop. In the near future, 3D printed clothing and apparel products will spread the entire fashion industry, and will replace digital printing as the inevitable future of the apparel industry. trend.

Future 3D printing technology will be more widely used

Future fashions can be printed, and all fabrics can be copied. The future of the clothing industry using 3D printing technology for apparel design is a trend of innovative clothing design, 3D printing technology will be used in various fields of the apparel industry.

Technology changes life, and 3D printing technology will change the life of clothing and change the fashion way in the future. Future 3D printing will be an indispensable technology for fashion designers. It will replace the digital printing in the future of fashion design to play a huge role, the original fashion designer will also carry the combination of high-tech and craftsmanship, explore the future direction of fashion design.