Clothing high-tech: put it on for 3 seconds to cool down 5 degrees!

- Apr 02, 2019-

The weather is getting hotter, and when I go out, I feel that I am going to be sunburned, and I am sweating with a little movement.The clothes stuck to the body and they were wet and sticky, and they collapsed.


If the clothes are not well ventilated, the sweat can not be discharged in time, and the smell of sweat that is squirting makes people lose their desire to speak instantly.


When you get hot, the thin T-shirt will be very hot.I want to take off my clothes and jump into the sea, or hide in the refrigerator.


Inferior fabrics, labels for collars, stitches for clothes, etc. Often make you tickle,Even causing skin problems


Japan invented a fabric called "Black Technology T-Shirt" for mobile air conditioners.

A goat's milk silk T-shirt with a cool body function, put on 3 seconds to cool down 5 degrees, super cool!


This T texture is delicate, light and silky,Can quickly dissipate body heat and lower body temperature

Quick-drying function instantly absorbs sweat and rapidly evaporates,Let dry and fresh wear feel more lasting


The reason why he has the above magical characteristics.Still talking about its raw material, goat milk

Sheep milk fiber has the natural characteristics of regulating temperature

And its moisture content is very suitable for human skin,Forms silky, silky, hemp, water-absorbing cotton,Durable and tough features,Is a breakthrough technology for the R&D team.


Proved by thermal imaging experiments,T-shirt made of sheep's milk silk fabric

Body heat temperature can drop,A cool, cool 5 degree feeling.

Light has a cool feeling is not enough

Sheep's milk silk fabric also has super high elasticity.

Combined with Japanese thermocompression bonding technology,

There is no pressure on the skin when wearing it.

Does not irritate the skin and cause allergies,

Can be said to be a zero-binding nude T-shirt


Cool quickly, cool when in contact with water

Sheep milk silk technology fabric

Not only has good water absorption and sweat absorption,

Diffusion evaporation is also extremely good,

It is many times more diffuse than ordinary cotton clothes.

Absolutely different.