Cotton Clothes Cleaning Tips

- Jan 10, 2019-

Local cleaning: Prepare a basin of 30℃~40℃warm water (the most suitable detergent to play the effect of the temperature), with neutral detergent (ph value between 6-8) for the more obvious stains for cleaning, to minimize the deformation of cotton clothes.

Cleaning of the whole garment:1, cotton clothes are really particularly dirty, you can consider the whole garment cleaning, the same preparation for 30℃~40℃ warm water, add a small amount of neutral washing liquefaction open, the cotton coat inside the inner layer into the detergent water, soak about 30 minutes.

2, and then use soft brush laundry, can also gently scrub, for the more obvious dirty point, you can choose to use detergent focus on cleaning, pay attention to washing, do not push too much.

3, after washing, rinse clean with water, repeat several times, pay attention not to screw hard in the meantime, to prevent the deformation of cotton clothes.

4, the cotton coat open to place the ventilated place to dry (pay attention to the neckline and cuffs of the parts to be sorted, so that will not be knotted and deformed), must not blow the sun and high temperature.