How to hold down the duvet

- Jan 10, 2019-

1, first put down the duvet zipper, and then the duvet inside the air out, with the hand a little bit to flatten it. It is best to use a vacuum bag to install the duvet, go to the supermarket to buy a vacuum plastic bag, put down the duvet into a vacuum can be.

2, down folding method: Fold the sleeves, and then fold the duvet, from one side began to roll up the duvet, slowly squeezing down the air inside the duvet, the duvet compressed into a mineral water bottle so large, and then put into a compressed bag inside to save.

3. Tighten the zipper of the season duvet, then turn it out from the inside, but leave the hat and sleeves in it, then the duvet into a marquee shape, and then fold and roll up into the storage box for storage. 

4, because the duvet contains more protein and fat ingredients, are the pest of the food. Therefore, in the storage around the need to put insect-proof agents such as sanitary balls. The medicament should be placed in a cloth bag to avoid direct contact with the fabric.

5, the storage time pay attention to moisture-proof mildew, if found a musty point, you can use cotton ball dipped in a little alcohol wipe, and then with a clean wet towel scrub clean, cool after the proper collection.