knowledge of 50 kinds of fabroc

- Mar 30, 2019-

11. Pei Li:

It is a wool blended polyester with a smooth surface, light texture, good hand feeling, crisp wrinkle, easy to wash and dry, and good wearing performance.

12. Huada:

Also known as the rolling pin, the hand feels slippery and solid, the texture is tight and flexible, and the cloth surface is smooth and smooth.

13, thin tweed:

The texture is light, smooth, comfortable to wear, crisp, moisture-absorbing and breathable.

14, loose light wool fabric:

It has the characteristics of easy softness, loose structure, light weight, soft hand, elasticity and breathability. It is comfortable to wear.

15. Melden:

A kind of woollen fabric, full of feel, the surface is fine and flat, the body is firm, elastic, wear-resistant and easy to pilling, the color is soft and beautiful.