Little knowledge of cotton clothes washing and nursing

- Jan 10, 2019-

One, 30 degrees water temperature rinse Soak the cotton coat in cold water for 30 minutes, so that the cotton coat inside and outside fully moist. Dissolve the neutral detergent into 30 degrees of warm water, and then put the cotton coat into which soak a quarter of an hour, and then gently rub and flip, so that the surface of the clothes stained with dirt dissolved, and then in the neckline, chest, door, cuffs and other places to wipe a little soap, and then with a soft brush according to the fabric structure gently brush; can facilitate the detergent fully dissolved in the water, can make the cotton clothes rinse more clean. Wash down jacket is best to choose sunshine sufficient sunny day, after washing must be dry in time, in case of its mildew, the appearance of odor.

Second, the use of detergent concentration can not be too high If you must wash cotton clothes with detergent, usually two basin water into 4 to 5 tablespoons of detergent is appropriate, if the concentration is too high, difficult to rinse clean, cotton, down residual detergent, will affect the fluffy degree of cotton, greatly reduce the warmth of heat.

Third, it is best to use neutral detergent. Neutral detergent on the material, cotton damage is minimal, the use of alkaline detergent, if rinsing is not clean, residual detergent will cause damage to cotton clothes, duvet, and easy to leave white marks on the surface of clothing, affecting aesthetics. Remove residual alkaline detergent, after rinsing two times, add two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water, add vinegar water must be warm water, so that the detergent in the cotton coat will be fully dissolved in the water. Soak the cotton coat for a while before rinsing, vinegar can neutralize alkaline detergent. Clothes have soap stains, can be used clean cotton dipped in industrial alcohol repeated wipe, and finally with a hot towel wipe, soap stains can be removed.

Four, can not wring dry Cotton clothes, down jacket after washing, can not wring dry, should be squeezed out, and then tiled or hung to dry, not exposed to the sun, do not iron, so as not to burn clothing. After drying, you can gently pat, so that the cotton coat back fluffy and soft.

Five. Local cleaning If the cotton coat is only partially dirty point, as long as in the dirt drop a few drops of collar net or wash spirit, a few minutes after drying with a wet towel can be decontaminated. If it's not clean again, repeat it a few more times.