Mastermind JAPAN x ASSC 3M joint series exposure!

- Mar 26, 2019-

A few days ago, we reported that the two Japanese street giants BAPE® and mastermind JAPAN will jointly launch Hong Kong-limited multi-tasking items, and we are looking forward to the release of their mastermind JAPAN x BAPE®. According to the latest news from insiders, mastermind JAPAN will also cooperate with North American trend brand ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB to launch cooperation planning. At present, the long Tee front is the mastermind JAPAN brand classic logo, while the back is the ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB font logo to show its joint status. This 3G reflective special effect is selected for this joint-name logo material. The visual effect of the overall underwear can be said to be quite amazing. However, the current news about the sale of this series is still in an unknown state, and interested friends are also waiting patiently for our follow-up reports.