The higher the velvet content of the duvet, the better?

- Jan 10, 2019-

Myth the higher the amount of velvet, the better. According to the national standard of the duvet, down clothing must indicate the type of down, the amount of velvet and the amount of velvet. The amount of velvet is the percentage of the content of the velvet and Velvet in the down, according to the regulations, the amount of velvet must not be less than 50%. The higher the velvet content of the same kind of duvet, the better the effect of keeping warm. However, the average consumer chooses 70%-80% 's velvet content to meet the demand.

Myth two thick duvet more warm The amount of velvet is the total weight of all the duvets filled by the duvet, which is related to the size, length and style of the clothes, and the national standard does not make mandatory provisions for this indicator. But it should be recalled that the more velvet, the heavier the clothes, the more warm the duvet. Because as the filling density increases, so does the loss of heat through the filling material conduction. Improving the fluffy degree of the down filler is the key to improve the warmth, the higher the fluffy degree, the more insulated air the duvet contains, so the better the insulation performance.

Myth three duvet touch no feather stem, the softer the better In fact, the duvet contains a few small feather stem is very normal, if the touch is particularly soft, a little terrier will be careful to buy, because some merchants will be some scraps, fluffy cotton, feathers broken into clothes, as a duvet to deceive consumers. Far from achieving a good warm effect, health may not be up to standard.