The new national standard implementation of the down jacket industry

- Mar 26, 2019-

Recently, a group standard of “High Quality Down Clothing” focused on raw material quality was implemented. The industry believes that the indicators of the standard have reached or exceeded the highest level of international standards, domestic down apparel and international benchmarking, officially participate in international competition at a high quality level.

Product quality is aligned with the international

According to the inspection big data from the Guangzhou Inspection Group, the current inspection items with high unqualified rate of domestic down jackets are: cashmere/velvet content, anti-drilling, seaming performance, filling volume, and bulkiness, of which 2018 The annual unqualified rate of cashmere/velvet content increased by about 8.3% compared with 2017. The down jacket phenomenon of down jacket seriously affects the wearing and appearance of consumers, so it is also a hot spot for consumer quality complaints.

At present, the quality standards of domestic down jackets mainly include "down garments", "knitted down garments" and "double-faced clothing". However, the industry believes that the quality requirements of national standards are low. "The standard of "down garments" was formulated in 2011. At that time, the quality indicators proposed by the process level, raw material quality, inspection level, etc. were only basic indicators. Over the years, some domestic down enterprises have greatly improved their product quality, proactively aligning with international standards, and the quality of some brands. Even more than the international big names, the demand and voice of enterprises demanding international advanced products is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, by setting higher standards, we will push the industry to improve the quality level and have stronger strength to participate in international competition."

Replace the amount of cashmere with the content of cashmere

According to reports, compared with several existing down standards, TB/TCFDIA004-2018 "High Quality Down Clothing" is specially designed for high quality down. The reason why it is high is because it raises the assessment standard from the aspects of filling raw materials and appearance quality. In the standard of "high quality down garment", the content of cashmere is replaced by the content of cashmere, and the addition of the pile to the pile is shoddy. Integrity. The standard also stipulates that the nominal value of the pile should not be less than 85%. “Increased this step is based on the quality level of most down garments currently on the market, because some down jackets with a nominal 90% cashmere content have an actual velvet content of only 81%.” An industry source said. The standard also increases the requirement for "knock content greater than 95%". “In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, people have put forward higher requirements for product quality and become the driving force for improving quality and efficiency in the industry. This regulation also provides quality evaluation basis for high-quality down and products.”

The standard also raises the requirements for fluffiness and ranks. The bulkiness is an important indicator of the quality of the down. The higher the bulkiness, the better the comfort and warmth of the down, the higher the quality, the more expensive the price. Adding any material such as flying silk, feather, dust, and impurities to the down will cause a drop in bulkiness. Therefore, the bulkiness is a barometer that reflects the quality of down. The standard cites the international general fluffiness detection method, which is convenient for international quality comparison and is conducive to enhancing the international competitiveness of the down industry. "The "High Quality Down Clothing" standard will play a greater role in promoting the quality of the industry," said the industry source.