Thousand Yuan bought duvet has the smell?

- Jan 10, 2019-

Causes of odors: First of all, the odor of the duvet is mainly derived from the inner filled duvet flavor, which is due to the filling of the duvet cleanliness is not up to the requirements, resulting in hot weather will appear odor. That's what a lot of people would ask, why didn't they find the problem when they bought it? That's because in winter, even though the duvet may smell a little, the smell doesn't emit a lot because of the cold weather and the sinking of the air pressure.

What if you avoid buying a smelly duvet while you're shopping? When buying a duvet, in addition to the style and the thickness of the duvet is appropriate, you can repeatedly shake the duvet, and then close to the smell of the duvet, pay attention to smell whether there is an odor.