Washing and maintenance of down uniforms

- Mar 26, 2019-

Down jacket cleaning "four steps":

Due to the special nature of the down jacket material, pay attention to "care" when cleaning.

1. Before washing the water, first use a soft toothbrush to get the right amount of detergent, scrub the dirty parts, brush it several times, and the stains can go without a trace.

2, prepare a basin of warm water of about 30 degrees, a small amount of white vinegar (the chemical composition of white vinegar can make the down jacket more fluffy after cleaning) into the water, after mixing evenly, you can put the down jacket in the water to soak it!

3. After soaking for 10 minutes, take out the bathing ball used in the bath at home, pour the appropriate amount of down jacket cleaning solution, pour out the foam, and wash the down jacket from the cuffs, collars, plackets and down jackets of the local dirty parts. "Bathing."

4, after brushing, then 2-3 pots of water, the foam is completely removed and the cleaning is finished!

Drying method "marked":

The next step is the most important step. How to dry it after cleaning the down jacket is correct?

1, due to the special nature of the down jacket liner material, can not be wrung out or put in the washing machine to dry, this will destroy the down pieces in the down jacket, the best way is to use the dry towel in the home to wrap the down jacket, light Lightly press and squeeze the water out a little bit (try to squeeze the water out as much as possible, otherwise it will leave a white water mark after drying).

2. After squeezing, then dry the down jacket and hang it on the opposite side. Be sure to use a hanger to gently pat, and repeatedly beat a few more places, you can let the down fluff in the clothes.

3, be careful not to use too much sun exposure, it is best to dry in the ventilated place.

4. Hang up the down jacket, put on the dust bag, and put it in a ventilated and dry closet. (Try not to fold the compression package, because some down jackets are the fabric of the reverse coating. If the air is squeezed together, the adhesion between the fabric and the fabric will occur in the summer, and the pile will be in a closed environment. It is also prone to qualitative change after high temperature. Only in a ventilated place will it not regain moisture and maintain bulkiness.)