Why don't the duvet be fluffy

- Jan 10, 2019-

The fluffy degree represents the "quality" of the duvet, why does the duvet keep warm? Because the duvet is an animal protein fiber, and the down spherical fiber on the tens of thousands of triangular thin pores, can expand with the temperature change shrinkage, resulting in temperature-regulating function, can absorb the human body emitting flowing heat, isolated from the outside cold air invasion, light and warm. Therefore, there are two important indicators to measure the warmth of a duvet-the amount of velvet and the degree of fluffy. The fluffy degree refers to the number of cubic inches per ounce (30 grams) of Down under certain conditions. An ounce of duvet takes up 600 cubic inches of space, which is called the duvet is 600FP. The fluffy degree is a unit that measures the thickness or fluffy degree of the down product and is roughly related to the insulation value of the duvet. The higher the fluffy, the more insulated air the duvet contains, so the better the insulation performance. The range of fluffy values ranges from the cm2/g of feathers to the in3/oz of high-quality duvets. The high fluffy degree is related to the ratio of the velvet in the duvet, as well as the average size of the velvet.