2019 Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition

- Mar 21, 2019-

Exhibition time: July 4-6, 2019 Exhibition location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


In the deep farming industry for 19 years, the China (Shenzhen) International Brand Apparel Trade Fair has become a pivotal clothing and apparel platform in the Asia Pacific region. “Shenzhen Service Fair” actively seeks innovation, and the abbreviation “Shenzhen Service Fair” officially changed its name to “Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition” with a new upgraded image and service system to help apparel apparel brands, designers and high-end supply chain enterprises in the Chinese fashion industry. Business success.

 2019 Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition takes "brand-oriented, original quality, commercial landing, trend leading" as the core orientation, and develops the demand for the development of retail channels and order-based enterprises, and finely divides the "selected brands" and "industry value chain". The theme exhibition area, through static display, fashion release, pioneer forum, business matching, trend release, design competition, industry festival and other industry activities, for exhibitors to accurately match the resources needed for commercial channel expansion and brand promotion, efficient and pragmatic to help business success; At the same time, it provides a full range of diverse communication scenarios for the industry to help industry elites capture business opportunities and gain professional decision-making reference.

      In the 2018 exhibition, Hall 9 was fully opened. 110,000 square meters gathered 1800 selected brands and designer brand exhibitors, attracting 130,000 professional visitors from 36 countries and regions, and was unanimously recognized by exhibitors and visitors. Over 85% of the exhibitors renewed the 2019 Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition. Previous exhibitors include Marisfrolg, Shadow Fashion Group, ELLASSAY, Koradior, Aussie, Annel, KALTENDIN, DISSONA, Skechers, and independent designer brands ANNAKIKI, MAXRIENY, DAMO WANG, JUNE, ALL COMES FROM NOTHING, LU JOE, Mordorf , HUAJIASTUDIO (in no particular order)

      The integration of global economy and culture creates a diversified development situation in the Chinese apparel and apparel industry. Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition constantly seeks breakthroughs on the basis of the development of the industry, and joins hands with industry colleagues to explore and build a sustainable business development path.

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