Classification Of Duvet Fabrics

- Jan 10, 2019-

1, Advanced TC cloth: Currently mainly used nylon taffeta and TC cloth. Factory yarn density is generally greater than or equal to 230t,250t is the best, if the volume of fluff is less than 230T, the amount of fluff drilling will increase. When looking at the fabric, the first thing to see should be the thickness of the fabric, and then gently pat down the duvet with the hand, if found that the fluff fly out, then the density is less than 230T, and finally hard to wipe the fabric (provided that the salesperson agrees), if there is no fluff fly out, it indicates that the yarn density is 250T. Nylon silk fabric in the processing process coated with a layer of paint, bright, smooth, uniform will be better.

2, rain-proof Poplin: Suitable for cotton fabrics, anti-velvet performance in general, not wear-resistant, but strong sense of comfort, generally used for the production of Down vest. 

3, all terror anti-velvet cloth: in the processing process, on its surface smear wax oil, can increase the anti-velvet performance, a short period of good heat resistance, wear resistance in general, generally used in the production of bedding. In recent years, it has also been used to make a duvet directly, the price is relatively cheap.