Different Methods Of Clothing Quality Inspection

- Jan 10, 2019-

First, Pants: turn out the inside of the trousers, check the buttocks, knees and crotch stitching place is fine and firm.

Second, shoes: shoes are not suitable only feet know, in the trial wear must "indulge" try all kinds of possibilities, stand on the heel to try to feel the leather of the joints at the joint, slowly put down, observe the shoes, if the shoe folds gradually flat to indicate that the cortex is good.

Third, coat: Check the lining of the coat to ensure that there is no gap and messy tangled thread.

Four, cashmere sweater: Gently rub the sweater up and down with your fingers, if they feel greasy, this is the usual residue chemical. 

Five, suit, jacket: Pick up the clothes (cloth) wrap him into a ball, easy to open, the more tough the material, the faster the rebound.