H&M Secretly Develops New AR Technology Interview With CEO: Will Increase Digital Investment

- Apr 09, 2019-

H&M secretly develops new AR technology Interview with CEO: will increase digital investment

Secret research and development of AR technology

After entering the Chinese market, fast fashion brands have experienced a period of rapid development. However, with the saturation of the market and competition among brands, fast fashion has gradually entered a bottleneck period. In order to change the performance of slowing down year by year, the brand has begun to try new ones. Change, move toward digital technology.

Digitization will become the main force point

In fact, in the past two years, major apparel companies have increased their investment in digital technology. Previously, Japan's fast fashion company Uniqlo launched an unmanned retail store, and in August last year, launched vending machines “Uniqlo to Go” in airports and malls in 10 cities including Auckland, Hollywood, Highland, Houston and New York. The sales method saves manpower and rental costs. Last April, ZARA also tested the AR experience in 137 stores around the world, and consumers can implement the technology on mobile devices through ZARA AR applications.

According to industry analysts, whether it is H&M, ZARA or Uniqlo, they want to attract young consumers through the experience of black technology, let them shop and at the same time take photos and make the brand spread through word of mouth. This is also in response to the slowdown in the growth of fast fashion brands. For example, H&M's attempt to introduce smart mirrors and ZARA's launch of AR shopping are all ways to attract consumers' attention. In the form of declining physical stores, the brand side needs to add new technology to retain users.