How To Identify The Quality Of Fabric?

- Jan 21, 2019-

There are many kinds of fabrics, some are good and other are bad. The most fear thing is that the high-priced fabrics are bought at low prices. As the saying goes, "being fooled." In fact, the main reason for being fooled is the unfamiliarity with fabrics and don't know how to distinguish between good and bad. 

There are many methods for identifying fabrics, including touch method, chemical method, combustion method, raw material identification method, etc., and the most common method used in daily life is the burning method. When burning with a lighter, it is good or bad. Combustion is the most common and practical method. Every time we buy clothes, we can use the burning method to do the experiment. Draw a crepe containing warp and weft at the seam of the garment, ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, smell the scent after burning, and see the residue after burning, thus judging and clothing Whether the fabric components marked on the durability label match to distinguish the authenticity of the fabric component. Below I will briefly talk about the reflection and characteristics of several fabrics in the combustion method. 

1.For cotton   

Take a small piece of cotton cloth, close to the flame, you will see that the fabric does not melt or shrink, continue to contact the flame, the fabric burns very quickly, the flame will be yellow, with blue smoke. After leaving the flame, the fabric can continue to burn. When the flame is extinguished, the burned fabric part is close to the nose, and the smell of burning paper dust can be smelled. After the combustion, the residue is relatively small, usually black or gray ashes. . 


2.For linen 

The burning point of hemp is relatively low, the burning speed is relatively fast, the burning flame of the hemp is yellow, and the smoke is blue. After the flame is extinguished, the nose smells of light vegetation; the residue of hemp is also less, generally shallow. Gray or white.

3.For wool

The cotton-wool mixed material with high wool content will smoke first when it encounters fire. When it is slowly burned, there will be bubbles generated in the burning part. The burning speed of the wool is also slow. When burning, it will emit the burnt hair. The odor will eventually be seen. After burning, the ash is a shiny black globular granule that is broken with a finger.

4.For silk

The flame is lightly close to the silk material, and the material is curled but not melted. The flame is set against the material, and the burning speed is still slow. At this time, the sound of the squeaking sound can be heard, and the flame will be extinguished by gently fanning the hand. The smell of burning hair is tangled, and the residue after burning is not all ash, accompanied by black granules, which are crushed by gently crushing by hand.