How To Maintain The Duvet

- Jan 10, 2019-

First: Hang up in time when you take off The office is too hot, back home not to wear, eat off .Temporary do not wear, to note, do not knead into a group still on the sofa, preferably hanging on the hanger, there is no hanger, but also neatly placed on the side, so as not to be wrinkled or soiled.

Second: How to maintain when not wearing Winter past, the duvet does not wear after, to thoroughly clean, completely dry and roar to receive the wardrobe, storage can be installed in the clothing storage bag, to avoid dust; it is best to buy the kind that can be hung, do not worry about the duvet is squashed problem. If there is more rain at a certain time, or if the room feels moist, take it out.

Third: It is not advisable to wash frequently Winter duvets are not necessary to wash regularly. Because the general fillers in the duvet are velvet, often wash on the one hand will make the inside of the velvet through the needle seam running out, or velvet formed a group of effects on its warmth; on the other hand, some of the surface of the duvet is waterproof, often wash affect the service life of the outer layer, some will affect the beauty of the duvet.

Four: Dry Cleaning. Some duvets do not indicate non-dry cleaning, or indicate can be dry cleaning, can be in the duvet when there are serious stains dry cleaning, but to send to a professional dry cleaning shop cleaning, to avoid unqualified poor dry cleaning procedures, detergents on the duvet caused damage.