How To Repair A Hole In A Broken Duvet Without A Trace

- Jan 10, 2019-

Remedial action I: Manual sewing If it is a monochrome duvet accidentally cut open a gash, you can use sewing way to remedy, because in the monochrome duvet on the addition of a stitch, as long as the color selection is appropriate, sewing will not appear abrupt. But this method has a key problem is sewing duvet needles need special needles, home different needles are too thick, sewing good after easy to leak velvet, so it is best to find a good craft master to sew. Foreign trade down jacket manufacturers

Remedial Action II: Embroidery If you are good at it, you might as well show a fused pattern in a scratched place, such as a trademark or something, and you can do it without being known.

Remedial Action III: subsidies This is Taobao can buy, you can go to Taobao search to repair the duvet decals, and then follow the use of the method of operation, the actual effect of self-test it.

Remedial Action IV: Professional repair