Identification Strategy Of Cotton T-shirt

- Jan 10, 2019-

1. Touch feel. Pure cotton fabric feel natural and soft, feel plump and thick, slightly astringent and muscular feeling, can pull a smaller amplitude, pull after the rate of more slow, and chemical fiber fabric feel soft, slippery feeling, stretch amplitude, a let go will bounce back to the truth. Secondly, especially with cotton yarn compared to strong and weak elasticity, the ruler pure cotton overalls (factory clothes) out of the fold after the time will be slightly longer, the most simple distinction: the work clothes (factory clothes) wanton back grab a grasp in the hands, and then let go, if the wrinkle is very sharp, that means cotton, or cotton identity many. If the imprint of the wrinkle is very small, the description is mixed with other identities. Either the overalls (factory clothes) fabric fold, after the 嘫 with nails along the edge of scraping, open the chi, the more significant scratches, confirmed that the higher the amount of cotton, and pure chemical fiber fabric will not leave scratches.

2. Visual Differences In addition to the end of caustic soda disposal punishment of silk cotton, pure cotton fabric does not have significant light, natural soft color, will work clothes (factory clothes) naturally put down, the feeling of natural, rarely "reflective" signs, purchase can flatten the overalls and add a positive pull,  after the fabric and body down to a 45 angle to the light source, Where is this must be a high-content chemical fiber overalls. In addition, especially with the participation of fluorescent brightener, chemical fiber white overalls will be whiter than cotton overalls, very will have a dazzling feeling.

3. Scrub Verification. It is well known that pure cotton fabric water absorption is Hunan can be, cotton overalls (factory clothes) on the point, the and then with the hand to squeeze the water dry, if the water can never squeeze dry, it is confirmed that this is not pure cotton, if it is pure cotton, after squeezing the water will reflect the special wrinkle.

4. Combustion Verification From the professional point of view of clothing, the best essentials used for combustion: from the seam edge of the overalls to pull a small yarn on it to hold a fire test, the real natural cotton fiber burning will not melt, and things like paper will occur a natural yellow flame, at the same time the smell of burning paper, burning after the occurrence can be roughly rubbed ash white ash; and chemical fiber in the burning will melt and drip, another black smoke and glue flavor, combustion will form a metaphysical hard point.