If The UK Has No Agreement To Leave The EU, It Will Impose Tariffs On Apparel And Other Industries.

- Mar 28, 2019-

According to the Spanish Expansión Daily, the British government announced on March 13, 2019 that it will impose tariffs on clothing, automobiles, ceramics, ham, bananas and other products after the Brexit. Spain's Zara, Seat, Porcelanosa, Osborne and other manufacturers will be negative. The impact is expected to pay more than 500 million euros in tariffs on the UK's exports to the UK each year.

In order to avoid the cost of removing enterprises and increasing the cost of enterprises and consumers, the British government has decided to exempt 87% of imported goods from tariffs, but still adopts tariff protection measures for about 13% of agricultural, animal husbandry and automobile-related products. The tariff measure is expected to be implemented for one year, at which time the need for the taxation measure will be reassessed.

Spain exports about 19 billion euros a year to the UK. The Spanish car brand Seat sells more than 60,000 vehicles a year in the UK. It is afraid to pay 10% tariffs in the future; textile tariffs are 12% and ceramics tariffs are 5%. Spain's Inditex Group, Mango, Desiqual and other textile companies, as well as Procelanosa ceramics, will be affected.

In the food sector, Spanish ham will have to pay a tariff of 10.2 euros per 100 kilograms. Osborne and its brand 5J will be affected; fruits and vegetables can still enjoy duty-free treatment, except for bananas, which pay a tariff of 11.4 euros per 100 kilograms; Sugar, cheese, and beans are also subject to import duties.