The Next Profitable Slogan Is Actually Smart Clothing.

- Mar 26, 2019-

Under the wave of global wearable devices, smart clothing has become a breakthrough point for many companies, and the field has been rated as the most potential wearable device by information technology consulting company Gartner.

Medical is an important application area

The "Flower Plan" is to "weave" electronic components into conductive fibers, and connect the button-sized circuit board to "transform" the fabric into a touch screen. The user's fingers can slide on the fabric to control nearby electronics. device. It integrates interactive technology for smart watches and smart glasses directly into textiles. This conductive fiber created by a Japanese company can be applied to any type without any change to the looms. In textiles.

Ivan Puprif, head of Google's high-end technology and product group technology project, pointed out that the conductive fibers developed by Japanese companies are not only different in width, but also have a variety of colors.

Paul Dillinger, vice president of brand innovation at Levi’s, said that fundamentally, clothing will be designed as an intelligent platform. Google has identified the product supply chain, and the yarn development company will expand production as the “Shuhua Plan” enters the next phase. In Paul Dillinger's view, this kind of smart fiber that does not require too much cost, opens the door to smart clothing.

Smart clothing is a high-tech product that integrates smart technology and clothing. It combines cutting-edge technologies in related fields such as electronic information technology, sensor technology, textile science and materials science.

(Smart clothing made of CircuiteX smart fabric to monitor heart rate and muscle activity)

The combination of smart clothing and medical care has made it important. Nobel Fiber Technology Inc. has developed a smart fiber CircuiteX that monitors the patient's physical condition around the clock and collects data such as breathing and heart rate to develop medical services for patients. Danish design company Ohmatex has designed a smart sock that detects leg and foot edema and predicts heart failure and threatened epilepsy in advance.